About Dori

10 Things about Me (January 2016 version)

  1. I am completely in love with my dog, a rat terrier/chihuahua mix named Larry. He is my best friend, baby boy and my entire heart. I love my husband, too.
  2. My husband Andy and I have taken on the overwhelming task of watching every episode of Melrose Place from beginning to end. Each season has 32 episodes. We just finished season 4. Don’t be surprised to see MP episode reviews here.
  3. I’m the Enterprise Community Manager at Medidata. Want to work here? Let me know.
  4. I am absolutely addicted to Refine Method. It is the smartest, best, most fun workout in New York City. It changed my body and it changed my life. I love being strong.
  5. I really love running marathons.
  6. Thanks to a hip bone deformity that developed in childhood, I have a torn labrum and I’m having surgery on January 26 to correct it. I won’t be able to run or Refine for about 5 months after and I am very, very sad. But happy to finally be fixed so I can do both those things better than before.
  7. I live in Jersey City, in an apartment that overlooks the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. All sunrise/rainbow/Statue/city photos on this website were taken from my window.
  8. My brother, sister-in-law and their two babies live in the Seattle area. I’ve always wanted to live there too and even interviewed for jobs there, but nothing came to fruition.
  9. I like very warm and hot weather only. I am cold and miserable 75% of the year.
  10. My favorite vacation spot is Bermuda. Andy and I went there on our honeymoon and our second anniversary. We love it because the flight is only two hours long. Also, it’s incredibly beautiful, everyone who lives there is proud of its history, and there’s a Railroad Trail that runs the length of the island and has views like this for running.Railroad Trail Bermuda - DoriGray.com